Localist city guide app design

Flatiron School student project

The project

Localist is basically your city travel guide. It’s like that local friend you have when you visit a city that shows you the hiddens spots and makes you experience the city like locals do.

As part of the UX/UI immersive course in Flatiron School, I had to design a travel app based on the some research takeaways and insights given. Based on that, I followed the user centred-design process to come up with design solutions for the app.

The challenge

After synthesising the research insight i found out that the problem statement was that millennial travellers need a way to curate and discover upcoming and non-touristic places to go because they want personalised experiences and explore the city like locals.

My Role

I was UX/UI Designer for the app. My job was running a domain research and competitive analysis during the first phase of the project. User interviews were given, so I synthesised them to detect trends and identify the user personas and the problems they were experiencing. After that, I came up with concept statement that I prototype in low and mid-fidelity first, and them applying the high fidelity. I also design the logo, came up with the naming, and the visual design on the app.