UX/UI Designer  •  Graphic Designer  •  Communication


I’m a UX designer from Barcelona with a passion for creativity.

I think of myself as a creative, versatile, communicative, organised and sociable person who’s driven by a curiosity for exploring complex ideas and trends. I have a background in journalism and trend forecasting and I love setting myself the challenge of finding exciting ways to communicate this information using different visual approaches. This practice has grown and established my career as an art director and graphic designer for communication and PR agencies. I also teach communication techniques & strategy at a Design School in Barcelona.

My shift to user-experience design has allowed to bring together my love of research, analysis, teamwork, strategy and communication into one role. I’m thoughtful in my approach to user-centred design and I’m excited to apply my strong understanding of communication and strategy to help companies create products that people love to use.

I am passionate about DIY culture and needlework and I’m always looking for new skills to learn. I can often be found knitting and crocheting between prototyping so don’t be surprised if one day I ask you to test a prototype in cross stitch!

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